Tips for Improving Your Approach to Skip Bin Hygiene

Posted on: 11 December 2018

Whether you're moving house or having a major decluttering session, skip bins will always act as a lifesaver. If you plan to leave one outside your home for more than a few days, it's always worth considering the hygiene implications. With a few simple tips, you can avoid problems such as pests and bad smells.

Clean all plastic thoroughly

Although it's inadvisable to place organic matter into your skip, those that hold plastic are usually suitable for disposing of food packaging. Much like when you recycle plastic, you should wash all containers thoroughly before placing them in the bin. As they're made from metal, skips will accumulate heat quite quickly. A combination of leftover food inside the packaging and warm weather can soon lead to bad smells, plus you may attract rodents. To remain extra safe, bleach plastic packaging and place it inside a bag before adding it to your skip.

Try to keep it away from direct sunlight

Thanks to their size, skip bins are difficult to maneuver without assistance. However, that doesn't mean you don't have control over where the company you use places yours. Before your bin arrives try to identify areas that are away from the sun. Although you may not be able to place it in the shade throughout the day, you can reduce the amount of time it spends in direct baking heat. Too much heat can cause organic matter, including wood and garden waste, to decompose rapidly. Although this might not cause any major hygiene issues in the short term, you could attract pests if you don't take a sensible approach.

Bleach your skip bin every time you empty it

If you're hiring a skip bin with a view to using it for a few weeks or more, the chances are you'll empty it a few times. Each time someone removes waste from your bin, seize the opportunity to bleach it or use a disinfectant. Bleach is a simple-yet-effective way to disrupt the chemical trails of pests such as ants. As a result, you won't need to worry about them colonising inside yours and you can enjoy an insect-free waste disposal experience.

Use cardboard during the winter months when disposing of garden waste

If you're likely to experience very cold temperatures during the winter months and you're using a skip for garden waste, place cardboard at the bottom and around the sides. When garden waste dips below certain temperatures, it's likely to stick to the bin's bottom and sides. As a result, it becomes difficult to remove. It won't stick to cardboard as easily, making it easier to tackle.

With a little regular attention and sensible use, making sure your bin remains hygienic is simple.


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