Ways to Maximise Rental Skip Bin Usage in Sporting Events

Posted on: 6 December 2021

Thousands of people attend sporting events in Australia, which results in a lot of waste. Unfortunately, there is no shortage of rubbish at sporting events, from beverage cans and food packaging to first aid supplies and stationery. Thus, event organisers must organise ways attendants and participants can dispose of trash. Notably, skip bins are perfect rubbish disposal units for sports events, and the best part is that event organisers can hire them. First, however, you need a strategy to use rental skip bins efficiently. This article provides tips for sports event organisers to maximise the efficiency of rental skip bins.

Strategic Placement — The first thing you should think about as a sports event organiser is the placement of rental skip bins. If you do not plan skip bin placement carefully, the chances are high that you will deal with a lot of litter on the ground after an event. Thus, it defeats the purpose of hiring skip bins. The ideal place to drop rental skip bins is near cafeterias where attendees and participants get snacks and drinks. You should also target high-traffic spots such as entrances and exits. It allows people leaving an event to finish whatever they are eating or drinking and dispose of containers, cans and bottles in skip bins.

Match Size to Crowd — Placing skip bins in high-traffic spots and routes is okay if they can accommodate the expected crowd. For instance, the cafeteria section of a sports event venue can hold hundreds of people at any time; hence, a 2m skip bin will fill faster than you expect. On the other hand, placing a 6m skip bin next to toilets would mean underutilising the facility since it is likely that many people don't go with their drinks and snacks to restrooms. Therefore, match skip bin size to the crowd in every spot to maximise usage. The last thing you want is to pay for rental skip bins only to find them halfway filled and litter all over the ground.

Make Waste Disposal Fun — There is no doubt that ordinary skip bins assist in containing trash at sports events venues. However, it is also true that some attendees still throw trash on the ground despite the presence of skip bins. Notably, your goal should be minimising the amount of waste that ends up on the floor, and one way of doing it is to make trash disposal fun. For instance, some service providers can customise their products by installing basketball rims on their skip bins. It allows attendees to shoot their waste shots, turning trash disposal into a fun activity.

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